Superior Grapes

We deliver good high quality of sweet , seedless superior grapes , size 18+ , sugar 18`20% , color more than 94%


we deliver high end quality of Flame Grapes size 18+ , as per your request order 


we deliver a very spacial thompson grape ,as it's a famous Egyptian crop in Egypt  


we can deliver grapes in plastic box,10 KG per boxes

max superior & flame

we can deliver grapes in cartons , each carton contains 10 punnets each punnet 500 g

grapes farme

we do care about growing our fruits in order to be sure that our end customer , receive high end quality and good taste in the same time  


Pomegranate Wonderful

We deliver a very spacial pomegranate , kind wonderful with high quality and High endurance

Pomegranate 116

same as pomegranate wonderful , we delivery pomegranate (116 )  as well  


it's high recommended to try our Egyptian Mango 

As we delivery a high quality mango as following

  • Kent
  • Keitt
  • Naoumi
  • kensington pride
  • Tommy