The capital Fruits

Our first partner

The Capital Fruits LTD , An Egyptian packing and storage Co.

The capital fruits packing house have a main packing area of 1000m2 supplied by A/C contains 3 main sorting fresh fruits packing lines that could fit for more than 300 sorting & packing person    The capital fruits have 3 cold storage's that fits for more than 200 pallets & 3 pre-cooling storage's   

Also by the season 2018 ,The Capital Fruits would expand the business and will have there own washing and waxing citrus line

 with a capacity of 20tons/hr class 1 & class 2    IP: the packing area at the citrus season could turn into a cold store area that fits for 700 pallets of oranges & above    The packing house also has two loading platforms incase we have more than a container has to loaded at same time